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for now it is being hot and vacuuming but the future is better - A Girl And Her Orange Cat

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July 6th, 2011

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02:51 pm - for now it is being hot and vacuuming but the future is better
things to be super excited about since general malaise seems to go hand and hand with the heat index and lack of air conditioning..(which I don't mind seeing as my electric bill is like 40 dollars instead of 200..I do enjoy a good fan anyhow)

1. The weekend = giant casino bathtub, some yet to be determined Detroit dining, a hairdo/rad dress, maybe the Slow's firkin, possibly some Wizard of Oz slot machine action, Russel St. breakfast or that avocado cheese sandwich I always want, Eastern/Gratiot market, the Jaycee Dugard Diane Sawyer special (not something to be excited about but on my to watch list nevertheless)

2. Next week = Thursday night Harry Potter madness, Friday night Smiths Tribute show ..more hairdo/dress/dinner..(these things become important if you don't have to get "dressed" really..Monday though Friday I go to the gym, clean and make dinner in what can loosely be described as lounge wear and a pony tail..I am not walmart soccer mom level of grubby but I tend to enjoy shorts and pants with no buttons and my shitty misfits tee shirt or coffee stained tank tops...eww)

3. I am thinking no Ann Arbor art fair. I just go for the Urban Outfitter sale anyway. The fair seems to be extremely similar year after year, with the same artists, in the same locations, selling the same outrageously priced stuff. I do want to go that Rust Belt art market in Ferndale though. Maybe before the Pig and Whiskey fest on the 30th. Speaking of Ferndale, I also want to drag queen bingo before the end of the summer.

4 Lollapalooza! Not that the lineup is earth shatteringly amazing but I have always wanted to go to a large music festival and I do like Chicago and train rides. Plus we got vip tickets so open bar, air conditioned bathrooms, and a Graham Elliot buffet. Next year I would like to go to the Pitchfork festival instead-half the cost and definitely more in line with my musical taste..

5. NOFX Oct 16. I know this is a long time from now but I got my tickets in the mail yesterday. I love that it is on a Sunday so Ryan does have to rush home from work or anything and maybe we can hang out at the state bar which is usually a good time..hooray for being old and going to punk shows together<3
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